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Oliver + S Little Things to Sew

by Liesl Gibson

In this charming collection, Oliver + S presents 20 little sewing projects for children's accessories complete with detailed, illustrated instructions, two full-size pattern sheets, and - as an added bonus - two paper dolls to dress with the items featured on the book's jacket.  New book.  Hardcover.  137 pages.
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More Dress Pattern Designing
Classic Edition

by Natalie Bray
with Fashion Supplement by Ann Haggar

More Dress Pattern Designing covers advanced cutting, lingerie, tailoring and children's patterns.  This volume expands the basic course of Natalie Bray's Dress Pattern Designing and shows the application of the basic principles and methods to more advanced styles as well as to specialized cutting.

 Natalie Bray trained in Paris while connected with a Court dressmaking business in London.  The techniques she pioneered and perfected revolutionized dress pattern designing.  Her teaching has had a profound influence on design, production and education. 204 pages. This is our shop copy. Some pages have a slight wave.

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Embroidered Childhood Memories

by Brenda Hopkins

Nostalgic needlework patterns capture the enchantment of fairy tales, lullabies, and sweet dreams.  Includes more than 100 full-size vintage patterns such as the Bedtime Babies of the 1920s and the coloring book alphabets of the 1930s and 40s.  Contains a brief history of embroidered children's quilts and insight into this decorative art form.  Tips on tinting fabrics are included to add a splash of color to your embroidery patterns.  95 pages.  This was our shop copy and is like new.

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Who Wore What
Women's Wear 1861-1865

by Juanita Leisch

Includes information on bodices, shirts, necklines, collars, sleeves, cuffs and undersleeves, fabric, trim, special occasion dresses plus much more.  Many photographs.  Hardcover.  116 pages.  Our shop copy and in like-new condition.

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Lovable Bears

From the Publishers of Inspirations Magazine

by Jenny McWhinney

 From renowned Australian artist, Jenny McWhinney, comes this delightful quilt, full of color, imagination and whimsy. From the charming 'Sunday Best' to the playful 'Bathing Beauty', each of these lovable little bears are sure to brighten the day. This title is perfect as a memorable gift for a loved one, or a cozy addition to your home. Featuring vibrant illustrations, twelve original patterns and easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, "Lovable Bears" will inspire the novice and expert alike.

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Books from Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn

 Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, also known as Double Trouble Enterprises, are internationally known textiles artists, authors and tutors.  They publish books and promote further interest in embroidery and allied subjects. 

Their aim is to give students the confidence to design and create their own unique work.

Soluble fabrics, hand and machine stitching, embellishing, bonding and transfer printing are just a few of the techniques that can extend your creativity with fabric and thread. 

These books are full color, 24 pages, softcover.  Published in England.

Available Titles:

Voluptuous Velvet - Book 2

Gardens & More - Book 5

Over the Line - Book 16

Seductive Surfaces - Book 18

Embellish & Enrich - Book 20

Seeing Double - Book 22

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Fashion Since 1900

Second Edition

Thames & Hudson World of Art by Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye.  From Belle Epoque tea gowns through Dior's 1947 "New Look" to the impact of the Internet and fashion blogs in the 2000s, this comprehensive book surveys significant developments in fashion, including accessories, hairstyles and makeup.  It focuses on key movements and innovations in style for both men and women, and explores these through the work of the most original and influential designers and couturiers.  Softcover.  312 pages.

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The Art of Manipulating Fabric
by Colette Wolff

The possibilities for three[dimensional manipulation of fabric - gathering, pleating, tucking, shirring, and quilting woven materials - are seemingly endless.  To describe them all would be to describe the entire history of sewing.  Textile artists and quilters, as well as garment and home decor sewers, will expand their design horizons with the almost limitless effects that can be achieved.  softcover 312 pages

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Smocking Design

by Jean Hodges

Includes chapters on Getting Started, Basic Techniques, Professional Finishes, etc.  Published in Great Britain.  140 pages.  Softcover. This is a shop copy.  Partial price sticker on cover.  In very good condition.

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Fabulous Fabric Embellishments

Elegant and Innovative Techniques

Give fabrics a unique and stunning touch by embellishing them with a wealth of remarkable techniques.  Then use them to lend all of your sewing projects a touch of distinction.  Includes:  frayed flower applique, folded jacket patches, beaded diamonds, stenciled velvet and more.  128 pages softcover.

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Creative Embellishments
For Paper, Jewelry, Fabric and More

by Sherrill Kahn

Discover dozens of imaginative embellishments made from paper, fabric, plastic, clay and more.  Spotlight these color-splashed embellishments on quilts, garments, journals, and any other projects you make.  Create art without expensive supplies. 112 pages softcover

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Stitch, Dissolve, Distort
with Machine Embroidery

by Valerie Campbell-Harding and Maggie Grey

Explore the range of fabrics and materials that can be dissolved, melted, punched and slashed, and even distorted, to create unique textiles. 128 pages softcover

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