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Australian Smocking and Embroidery Magazine

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Issue #100 - The Final Issue; Celebrating 25 Years.  (This issue was not published with any pull-out patterns, but contains 8 full-color smocking design plates and inspiring photos of the world's most beautiful smocked items).  If you are a die-hard collector; you need this issue.

Issue #99 - Cute Striped Sundress; Exquisite Dotted Swiss Dress; Sheet Sets; and more

Issue #92 - Contemporary Smocking for Children and Adults; Fun Picture Smocking for Boys; Sumptuous Baby Bishop; and more

Issue #88 - Classic, Easy Romper; Pretty Party Dress; Exquisite Beaded Evening Purse and Wrap; and more


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Australian Smocking and Embroidery Magazine

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These issues include complete pattern pull-out pages. They may not be stapled inside the magazine but the sections are all complete and included. These were shop copies in our store and are in very good condition. Some may have our name on the cover.

Issue #71 - Cute Summer Outfit; Nightie and Brunch Coat; Teenage Skirt and Top; and more

Issue #72 - Silk Organza Dress and Velvet Jacket; Smocked Pillow; Christening Gown with Coat; and more

Issue #73 - Quick and Easy Dress; Matching Dress and Romper; Special Issue for Beginners; and more

Issue #77 - Heirloom Christening Gown; Elegant Bag for All Occasions; Colorful Yoke Dress; and more

Issue #79 -  Smocking for Older Girls; Easy Stitching; Winter Cover Up for your Little Babe; and more

Issue #81 - Bishop Christening Gown; Knit Dress; Victorian Baby Daygowns; and more

Issue #82 - Silk Dress Fit for a Princess; Cozy Winter Dress with Matching Doll; and more

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